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Заполните все необходимые поля формы и внимательно ответьте на все вопросы теста.
После того как вы пройдете тест, вы узнате о всех своих ошибках и рекомендации по дальнейшему изучению иностранного язывка.

1. The taxi will be here in a couple of minutes. We …… get ready to go.
had better
would better
should better

2. The interviewer started off …… me why I wanted the job.
to ask
in asking
by asking

3. The stairs …… quite steep, so be careful how you go down.

4. “Michael Jordan is visiting our school next week to talk about basketball.” “You mean …… Michael Jordan? Can you get his autograph for me?”


5. “Dad won’t mind us borrowing the car, will he?” “No, I ……”
don’t suppose it
suppose not
don’t suppose

6. We …… to the tennis club since we moved here.
have belonged
are belonging

7. Your eyes are red – ……?
did you cry
have you cried
have you been crying

8. I don’t know when Helen …… back.
will be

9. I …… an interview because I’d worked there before.
needn’t have
didn’t need to have
needn’t have had

10. When I asked what was wrong, ……
I was explained the problem
the problem was explained to me
he explained me the problem

11. Steven …… the wallet.
admitted to steal
admitted steal
admitted stealing

12. …… to Paris during the vacation.
They are all going
All they are doing
They all are going

13. We should use …… time we have available to discuss John’s proposal.
the little of
the little

14. Some experience is …… for the job.
really essential
fairly essential
very essential

15. She was …… as anyone could have had.
as patient teacher
a patient as teacher
as patient a teacher

16. …… Derek nowadays, he’s so busy at the office.
Hardly we ever see
We hardly ever see
We see hardly ever

17. …… in my seventies and rather unfit, I might consider taking up squash.
Were I not
Was I not
If I wasn’t

18. We were delayed …… an accident.
because of
of because

19. …… that Marie was able to retire at the age of 50.
So successful her business was,
So was her successful business,
So successful was her business,

20. …… they slept soundly.
Hot though the night air was
Hot though was the night air
Hot although the night air was